Welcome to The Bournemouth Cycling Centre
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Bournemouth Cycling Centre is an Olympic-sized 250 metre banked tarmac track set in Slades Farm Open Space in Ensbury Park, Bournemouth.  The Centre comprises a tarmac banked track, flat tarmac safety zone and assembly area and a grass infield, all dedicated for cycling specific activities.  The Centre also includes a dedicated Administration Office and Equipment Store with Changing Accommodation shared with other Open Space users.  The Cycling Centre is available for booking by all Clubs, Organisations and individuals for cycling related activities.  Below is the current Session Calendar and links to the main Session Organisers.  Anyone with an interested in any of these Sessions should make use of the specific links below to contact the Session Organisers direct.  Should you require to book your own Session, please see above.

Upcoming Sessions

In the months of October to March, the track banking is quite often too damp to use.  There are however occasional dry warmer spells that allow the track to dry and be usable.

We recommend you keep a close eye on the 5 day forecast and make a last minute booking if you think conditions will be OK and you want to brush up your track experience.  You will need to have a Coach in charge as normal but we would encourage all clubs, groups and individuals to contact us when they see an opportunity.

DateDateSessionSession Booked ByTypeOpening/ClosingSession ManagerSession Admin
Fr 6/5
Fri 06/05/16
18:30 - 20:30
Bournemouth ArrowClubAMBACC Level 2 CoachesAM/BACC Level 2 Coaches
5pm - 6pm
Bournemouth ArrowClubDGDGDG/DG
Sa 7/5
Sat 07/05/16
10.00 - 12.00
Bournemouth Jubilee WheelersClubRERERE/RE
Su 8/5
Sun 08/05/16
9am - 11am
British Cycling YOUTHPrivateGHGHGH/GH
Mo 9/5
Mon 09/05/16
18:00 - 20:30
Poole WheelersClubGHGHGH/GH
Tu 10/5
Tue 10/05/16
18:30 - 20:30
Bournemouth Track Cycling League. Open BC eventPublic**AMAMAM/AM
We 11/5
Wed 11/05/16
2pm - 4pm
Bournemouth University Cycling ClubPrivateGHGHGH/GH
Th 12/5
Thu 12/05/16
18.30 - 20.30
Bournemouth Jubilee WheelersClubRERERE/RE
Fr 13/5
Fri 13/05/16
18:30 - 20:30
Bournemouth ArrowClubAMBACC Level 2 CoachesAM/BACC Level 2 Coaches
5pm - 6pm
Bournemouth ArrowClubDGDGDG/DG
Full Session Calendar


Active Dorset & Bournemouth Borough Council set to run Bournemouth Velodrome (Slades Farm Cycle Track)

From April 2016 the administration of Bournemouth Velodrome is being handed over to Active Dorset in partnership with Bournemouth Borough…
full details

More News

Session Organisers

Our regular session organisers are listed here, with details and contact information.

  • BCC Accreditation

    Open Rider Accreditation Sessions for novice track riders

  • Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club

    Make the most of your track cycling

  • Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers

    Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers is a leading cycle racing club in the south.

  • Bournemouth Track Cycling League

    2015 Bournemouth Track Cycling League

    every Tuesday at 7.00pm
  • Feria Sport

    Fun, structured sessions giving youth riders the best insight to cycle sport

  • Jason Falconer

    Working with schools, young people and adults across cycling activities since 2005

  • Poole Wheelers

    “The Friendly Club” covering all cycling disciplines

  • Solent Pirates

    A youth only club coaching and racing in four cycling disciplines

  • Southampton University Road Club

    University of Southampton club session focused on race specific drills

  • Southern Cycle Coaching

    Southern Cycle Coaching offers Coach Led Racing, Efforts and Motor-pacing based sessions