Why your feedback matters

Bournemouth University and your Student Union (SUBU) are committed to listening to your perspectives and feedback to improve your experience and drive creativity, innovation and change at BU.

We have defined what our purpose is at BU - to inspire learning, advance knowledge and enrich society.  Inspiring learning is about more than excellent learning opportunities for all our students (although those are very important to us).  It is about the whole of BU being a learning community.  We will jointly create with our students the best learning experience that we can at BU by listening, hearing student voices with an open mind and responding and engaging actively.  I encourage all students to get involved so that we can learn from you as you learn with us."
John Vinney, Vice-Chancellor, BU  

Student feedback is crucial and is the epicentre of what we do as the Student Union. It has given me the opportunity, in my role, to capture your student experience. With this SUBU and BU can collectively figure out the best ideas to support you throughout your journey at BU." 
Norah Deka, Vice President Education

 As a students' union, one of our key functions is listening to you, our students, and representing your views to both BU and SUBU. We do this so that you can help shape your university experience, and we rely on you to share your views with us on all aspects of your university life. SUBU are proud to have developed this joint Student Voice Framework with BU and I believe it shows how committed both organisations are to working in partnership to make your university experience the best it can be."
Samantha Leahy-Harland, SUBU Chief Executive Officer

Use your voice

Three students working together on a project around a computer monitor

We want to make sure that your voices are heard and acted on. By working together, we can be more effective at listening to, discussing and responding to your feedback. We work in partnership using a combination of channels to ensure individual, Student Representative, SUBU, and BU voices collectively enhance our community and bring about positive changes to our decision making, governance, quality assurance, enhancement, continuous improvement and strategy.

We encourage you to be an active collaborator in your university experience to develop confidence, improve your skills and reach your potential. Below are some of the channels you can use to get your voice heard at different stages of your study and research at BU, to represent the student perspective and contribute to the development of BU. Our How to share your feedback page provides an overview of the different ways in which you can share your individual comments on your experience with BU staff. We understand that you need to know how we respond to your feedback and we want you to see its impact. We are committed to telling you about the feedback we’ve received and how it has been used, including the action we’ve tak

Direct feedback from all students

As a BU student at any level (undergraduate or postgraduate), you will automatically have several opportunities to provide anonymous, individual feedback on your course and learning experience through student surveys. Some of these are run by BU, while others are carried out by external organisations. Both types of survey enable us to understand the student experience at BU and continuously improve it. The results are used by the government and other higher education organisations to regulate and support the provision of higher education. These surveys give all of you the opportunity to express your views and help create a positive experience for you and for future BU students.

BU student surveys

We choose to run these surveys so that we know what is working well for you and what is working less well and can work proactively to resolve issues. They also help us understand when we need to provide you with more or different information to get the most out of your time at BU.

External student surveys

Responding to your survey feedback

We use the anonymised feedback from student surveys to enhance our understanding of your experience at BU. This is part of our cycle of continuous review and development of our academic provision and student experience. We consider the feedback from each survey together with other related material, such as the feedback from other BU and external surveys, SimOn and data about student progression and achievement. 

Relevant staff engage with your feedback and discuss what actions might be appropriate to reflect and respond to the feedback. This will usually involve unit and programme leaders and other faculty staff in relation to programme matters, but may also include colleagues in other areas where appropriate. We will provide you with a response to your feedback and information about actions we are taking. Survey feedback, and potential actions, will be discussed in Student Staff Forums.

Our response to your feedback may take the form of changes to how we do things on a unit, a programme or across BU. Sometimes feedback shows us that we need to improve our communications, so that you understand what we are doing and why.  Feedback and representation often lead to developments which will benefit future BU students. They may also result in immediate changes which directly affect you, where this is possible. 

Student Representation

There are several opportunities for you to represent BU students or provide a student perspective within the BU governance structure. These opportunities help you to develop valuable skills for your further studies and for future employment, working with BU staff and SUBU staff and officers, as well as giving you the chance to influence decisions about BU’s future approach and contribute to improvements in the student experience. 

Working in partnership with SUBU

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