If you’re arriving at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport, it’s easy to get to Bournemouth by National Express.

You can buy your ticket at the airport but it would be cheaper to buy it in advance.  Buses depart regularly for Bournemouth from early morning until midnight.

Try to book a direct bus (not one that goes via London) – it will get you to Bournemouth much quicker.

Most BU accommodation is at our Lansdowne Campus and the nearest National Express bus stop is Bournemouth Station/Travel Interchange.

If you are staying in Corfe House, you should book a ticket to Poole bus station which is very close to your accommodation.

There is also a taxi rank at Bournemouth Travel Interchange, where both the bus and train stations are.  Here you can get a taxi to take you to your accommodation if it is too far to walk.  Most taxi's take card these days but will also accept cash if you have it already. 

Arriving in Bournemouth late in the evening

If you will be arriving in Bournemouth late in the evening, here are some tips to help things go as smoothly as possible for you:

  • Most of our BU accommodation has 24 hour security, so there should be someone there to let you in and give you your keys, whenever you arrive. However, it’s a good idea to contact your accommodation in advance if you’ll be arriving after 6.00pm, so that they’re expecting you.
  • Think about food! If you’re arriving late you may not want to go out to buy food and, especially on Sundays, it may be difficult to find shops or cafés that are open. You could eat at the airport or buy some food there and bring it with you to Bournemouth. Alternatively, ask someone in your accommodation for the details of local shops or phone numbers for takeaway restaurants who can deliver to you. 
  • If there’s a chance you may arrive late in the evening, it’s a good idea to order a bedding pack in advance so that you know you’ll have warm bedding waiting for you when you arrive.

How to reach us from different UK airports