BU currently has over 100 academic partners in the UK and around the world. To achieve our ambitions we take a targeted approach to partnership development in key regions and through an academic focus.
To find out more please contact the Global Engagement Hub: [email protected]

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Partnership type

Student Exchange – Our student exchange partners accept BU students to study with them for a semester and also send students to BU as part of an exchange programme. 

Research – We have formal agreements with a range of institutions allowing us to conduct world-leading research. 

Erasmus+ partnerships – The Erasmus+ programme facilitates staff and student exchanges within the EU for educational study, work placements, voluntary activities and training.

Recognition – Students from our recognition partners are eligible to apply to study for a BU award after completing programmes in their home country.

View the full list of our partners around the world (pdf 301kb).

Please take a look at our International Partnership and Mobility Approach (pdf 164kb).