Bournemouth University’s global Festival of Learning is an exciting platform for international public engagement that celebrates learning, disseminates cutting edge research and delivers impact across borders. It builds on our successful UK based Festival of Learning, which is a celebration of learning and has showcased BU’s research and expertise to a wide and varied audience of more than 25,000 people over the years.

The global Festival of Learning is now in its fourth year. To date, we have brought together thought leaders across 16 cities in six different countries, reaching over 5000 people in the process. Tailored to the host region each Festival incorporates free events and activities ranging from networking sessions, interactive workshops, panel sessions, meet the expert sessions, and public lectures, alongside an exciting programme of cultural and social activities.

Global Festival of Learning 2019

In 2019, the Global Festival of Learning travelled to Vietnam and the theme for this year’s GFOL was ‘Global Talent for the World of Work’

The week-long event looked at global talent and the world of work, focussing on the similarities and differences between higher education in the UK, the Netherlands and Vietnam, and what universities can be doing to prepare graduates for the world of work. The Festival was part of a British Council-funded Higher Education Partnership Project, bringing universities in the UK and Vietnam together to share good practice.

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How to get involved:

If you are interested in hosting a future Global Festival of Learning, would like to attend, or would like to participate in any other way, please contact: [email protected]